US Spending $41 Mil to Advertise Food Stamps


Spending on advertising and outreach for food stamps has increased six-fold since 2000

Boston Bombers May Have Financed Terror Spree with Food Stamps


Lenin famously said that the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them. Today welfare will give them the rope for free

Food Stamp Program Signed Up “Vanloads” of Illegal Aliens to Make Money

obama food stamps

“Illegals would come in by the vanload and we were told to give them their stuff,” McNees said.

Obama Vacations While Economy Tanks


The cold, hard figures showing the president’s lack of concern for suffering Americans.

Food Stamp Fraud More Than Doubles Under Obama


Three-quarters of a billion here and three-quarters of a billion there and pretty soon you’re talking about some real money

Food Stamp Use 50% Higher Under Obama Than Under Bush


At the center of government in Washington DC we can see a preview of the new feudalism. Food stamp use has gone up in Washington DC by 35 percent and at the same time the Beltway counties have gotten rich twice as fast as the rest of the country to the extent that they now represent 7 of the 10 wealthiest counties in the country.

Showdown in America: Workers vs. the Welfare State


What happens to a country when more benefit from its economic decline than from its success?

Obama Policy Encouraging Immigrants to Go on Public Dole


Food stamps don’t count as public assistance?

Obama Admin. Stonewalls on Immigrant Welfare Controversy


Have officials axed a requirement prohibiting entry to new immigrants likely to go on welfare?

Marketing Dependency


The Food Stamp President ramps up efforts to break down self-sufficiency ethics among the poor.

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