Majority of Americans Say Palestinian State Will be Terrorist, Oppose Foreign Aid


Only 31% of Americans believe Obama is a close and reliable friend of Israel,

A Liberal and Someone Else’s Money are Swiftly Parted


“For $44 billion a year, we could end world hunger completely.”

Pakistan Used Anti-Terrorism Cash to Sacrifice Goats


The four sacrificial goats, plus butchery costs, were listed as “stabbing charges”

Obama Gives Somalia $1.5 Bil, Somalia Bans Christmas

Barack Obama, right, is dressed as a Somali elder by Sheikh Mahmed Hassan

“It is prohibited to celebrate those days in this country.”

$338 Mil Auto Bailout of Afghanistan Ends in Disaster

U.S. officials have been relying on the Afghan army to confirm receipt of the components.

Obama Cuts Egypt Aid, Demanding Return of Church-Burners to Power


“The U.S. is pressuring Egypt to allow the Brotherhood back into politics and it won’t work.”

Saudis Promise to Make Up Any Aid to Egypt that Obama Cuts

President Obama meets with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at the White House in Washington

Few moments really convey Obama’s impotence better than his Saudi allies openly mocking him by telling Egypt to ignore him

What Does America Get in Exchange for Foreign Aid? Hate


To figure out which countries dislike the U.S., one quick way is to simply look at which ones are getting the largest dollops of U.S. aid.

Obama Inc. Spent $65 Mil on Egypt’s “Democratic Transition”


That was money well spent.

Obama Inc Finds Way to Waste $250 Mil on UN and Palestinians at the Same Time

Obama had unblocked $500 million in aid back in March. And Kerry is pushing for a 4 billion dollar investment plan in the PA.