No Justice for Victims of Terrorist Nidal Hasan


Why the Fort Hood jihadist has received better treatment than the survivors of his attack.

Fort Hood Jihadist Claims He Acted in “Defense of Islamic Leadership”

The Obama Inc. argument was that this was workplace violence and treating it as an act of terror would undermine Hasan’s defense. But now Hasan’s defense is that it was terrorism.

Will Obama Really Bring Boston Terrorists to Justice?


The case of the Fort Hood jihadist casts doubt on the president’s claim.

Fort Hood Massacre Judge Removed for Forcing Nidal Hasan to Shave his Beard


At a June hearing, lead defense attorney Lt. Col. Kris Poppe said the judge showed a bias against Hasan when he asked defense attorneys to clean up a court restroom after Gross found a medical waste bag, adult diaper and what appeared to be feces on the floor after a previous hearing.

Is the Election Delaying Nidal Hasan’s Trial?


Why the legal wrangling slowing the case down may be about more than just the jihadist’s beard.

US Military on Alert for Christian and Hindu Religious Extremists in its Ranks


The Defense Science Board report sought to debunk the notion that Islam is the only religion that fuels extremism. “While a number of cases involved radical Islam, there were examples involving Christianity, and the potential exists for radicalization to occur in the context of other religions as well.”.

Sleepless in Seattle; Clueless in DC and New York


Why we can’t rely on our policy elites to be “the best and the brightest.”

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Aurora & Fort Hood: A Tale of Two Massacres


What the two tragedies reveal about the leftist mind.

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The Jihadi Threat Within


FBI investigation speculates that over 100 suspected Islamists are in the U.S. military.

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The Long-Delayed Trial of the Fort Hood Terrorist


Will justice ever come for the victims of Nidal Hasan?

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