Ramaz Pro-Khalidi Petition Gains Support from Ahmadinejad, Arafat and Hitler


Also there are a surprising number of Muslims enrolled at Ramaz.

Gay Anti-Israel Buddhist Claims Pajama Boy Critics are Anti-Semitic


Jay Michaelson, a gay Buddhist of Jewish descent, has taken to the pages of the Forward to warn that if you don’t like Pajama Boy, you’re an Anti-Semite. Arguably the State of Israel is a better barometer for antisemitism than Pajama Boy, a creepy Obama-loving manchild. But considering that Jay Michaelson is not exactly a […]

Failed Communist Musical Remains as Relevant as Failed Leftist Newspaper

If you know what this even is...

The Forward is a failed relic of the left and it’s appropriate enough for it to celebrate Cradle Will Rock, another failed relic of the left.



Where we’re headed.

Forward with Obama, Mao and Lenin


Fixation on the always distant future means never having to say you’re sorry for destroying the present.

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Endangering Lives to Sell Newspapers


How some Israeli and American Jewish media incite violence.

Reuel Marc Gerecht: The Meaning of al Qaeda’s Double Agent – WSJ.com

The recent death in Afghanistan of seven American counterterrorist officers, one Jordanian intelligence operative, and one exploding al Qaeda double agent ought to give us cause to reflect on the real capabilities of the Central Intelligence Agency and al Qaeda. The report card isn’t good. America’s systemic intelligence problems were partially on display in the […]