Prosecutor Going After FOX News is Big Obama Donor

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Just a political crony ruthlessly going after an investigative reporter working for an opposition media outlet using the full force of the law in a completely unprecedented way.

Obama’s War on Fox News Reporters


The DOJ targets a news corp. that won’t obey the Party Line.

First They Came for FOX and the Media Didn’t Care, Then They Came for the AP

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Before the Justice Department was secretly obtaining phone records of Associated Press reporters, the Obama administration was investigating a Fox News journalist.

Pew Study Finds that FOX Reports More News than MSNBC


Pew found that Fox News spent 55 percent of the time on opinion and 45 percent of the time on reporting. On MSNBC, opinion fills a full 85% of the channel’s airtime.”

Kirsten Powers, the Last Liberal


The Democratic pundit stands up for true liberalism.

David Brock: Fox Hound


New book by Media Matters’ frontman claims that Fox News is driving the vast right-wing conspiracy.

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Fox News’ Anti-Romney Bias?


What a recent study reveals about the “fair and balanced” news source.

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Media Matters Exposed


A new report shows how the progressive propaganda machine pulls the strings of the left-wing media.

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The Future of Iran’s Freedom Movement


Can the people overthrow their Islamist oppressors?

Fighting for a Free Iran


An American daughter of Iranian immigrants speaks of her dream and battle to liberate her homeland.