ISIS Calls for Poisoning and Running Down Westerners


Terrorist group calls on Muslims in the West to do their duty.

Muslims are 7.5% of France, 60% of Prisoners


I’m sure they’re only moderates

Socialist President of Bankrupt France Pledges $1 Bil for Global Warming


“France is sick.”

France: “A Complete Rejection of Socialist Policies.”


“You need to defend yourself, your community, society and country.”

France Admits Paying Hostage Ransoms to ISIS

François Hollande

That’s called plausible deniability

1 in 6 in France Support ISIS


France does host one of the largest Muslim populations in Europe

France Ignores Obama, Will Supply Weapons to Kurds


France will work through the EU rather than NATO.

UK, Germany, France Endorse Hamas Demands on Gaza


France’s foreign minister calls for imposing a solution on Israel and Hamas,

‘Exodus’ – French-Style


Anti-Semitic violence has France’s Jews heading to the exits.

Letting the Anti-Semitism Genie Out of the Bottle


In the wake of the Gaza war, Jew hatred takes center stage.