74% of French and 76% of Brits Think Islam is Not Compatible With Their Way of Life


74% of the people polled by Ipsos think that Islam is an “intolerant” religion, incompatible with the values of French society. An even more radical figure, 8 out of 10 French people think that the Muslim religion seeks “to impose its way of life on others”.

North Africa Is the New Afghanistan


The real war is just beginning.

Obama Refusing to Provide Support for France’s Fight Against Al Qaeda

french jets mali

France is increasingly upset by what it sees as limited Obama administration support for the war it is waging in Mali against al Qaeda militants, including an initial U.S. demand, since dropped, that Paris foot the bill for any Air Force transport flights, French officials said.

French Socialist Government Comes Up With Crazy Plan to Tax Facebook Users as Employees


French president François Hollande has an idea. In a report, Hollande argues the French government should tax Internet companies like Google and Facebook based on their collection of personal data about their users.

Algeria in Jihadi Flames


A region awash in Libyan weapons explodes in al-Qaeda madness.

French Court Orders Release of Lebanese Terrorist Who Murdered US Lieutenant Colonel


Abdallah converted from Christianity to Islam and his Communist terrorist group murdered Lt. Col. Charles R. Ray, and wounded Robert Homme, the American consul general in Strasbourg.

No Hebrew, Please — This Is Europe

Mail Attachment

Across a continent, Jews are being terrorized into hiding their identity.

Death and Taxes


The secret heart of government.

French Muslims Celebrate New Year by Torching 1,193 Cars

muslim tradition in france

In the days preceding Christmas François Hollande made a trip to Algeria to apologize for the war. Hollande promised to better accommodate those Algerians requesting visas to France and to urge the French consulates to issue the documents more quickly.

Gerard Depardieu to French Government: “I Leave After Paying 85% Tax on my Income”


I leave after paying, in 2012, 85% tax on my income…. I paid 145 million tax in forty-five years, I have 80 people working in companies that were created for them and which are managed by them.

I’m leaving because you consider that success, creativity, talent, actually and anything different must be punished…