Stabber of French Soldier Prayed Before He Stabbed


“He was filmed praying near where the attack took place.”

France’s Growing Islamist Problem


A brutalized priest and a sign of things to come.

Half of French People 18-34 Would Leave France


“I don’t want to work all my life in order to pay taxes that will, for the most part, only go to service the 1,900 billion euros of debt.”

French Priest Assaulted, Archbishop Warns of Muslim Takeover

priest muslim assault

The day after the attack on Father Grégoire, Monsignor Cattenoz has spoken out strongly and denounced “people of the Muslim faith taking control of the district”.

No Future for France


Why even the French are giving up on their own country.

Car Bomb Hits French Embassy in Libya


The explosion caused major damage, with the outer wall of the embassy compound and part of the main building collapsed

French Have Positive Opinion of Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism, Negative Opinion of Islam

France's President Sarkozy and Tibet's exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama meet in Gdansk

More French people have a positive view of Buddhism than they do of their own religion. Which shoots down the whole “French people only have a negative image of Islam because they’re xenophobic bigots who are afraid of anyone different than them” theory.

French Socialist Tax Czar Who Wanted to Implement 75% Wealth Tax had Secret Swiss Account


Socialists are people who want to tax a second party for the good of a third party while the first party keeps its Euros in a Swiss bank account.

France’s Clockwork Orange


A French writer’s powerful exposé of Islamic “ultra-violence” – and its abettors.

French Communist Mayor Honors Murderer of Israeli Tourism Minister

Dominique Lesparre

Terrorism is widely accepted in the Muslim world. As France becomes more Muslim, it will also become more pro-terrorist.