Stop Discriminating Against the Successful


Lessons from the French President.

French Socialist President’s Popularity Down to 15%


Only three per cent of respondents said they had a very positive opinion

France Torn Apart by Sunday Shopping Crisis

François Hollande

“They already work six days out of seven, which is more than enough for all of us to buy the things we need.”

France, Obama’s Only Ally, has No Ship-Based Missiles for Syria Strike… They Arrive Next Year

Vive la France! Vive la Kerry!

They say that going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordion.

French the Only People Who Still Support a Syrian War


President Hollande of France is determined to fight until the last American.

French Socialist Gov Envisions Full Employment, French Islam, Police 3.0 and No Red Tape by 2025


The interior minister, predicts a “French Islam at the heart of the Republic,” and “Police 3.0” armed with the latest technology and “close to the people”.

Half of French People 18-34 Would Leave France


“I don’t want to work all my life in order to pay taxes that will, for the most part, only go to service the 1,900 billion euros of debt.”

French Socialist Tax Czar Who Wanted to Implement 75% Wealth Tax had Secret Swiss Account


Socialists are people who want to tax a second party for the good of a third party while the first party keeps its Euros in a Swiss bank account.

What Comes Next in the Mali War?


Rapid attacks and campaigns of destruction, followed by equally rapid withdrawals may be an effective means of destroying Islamist ambitions by crushing them at their moment of victory, when they have overeached just enough to be truly vulnerable.

French Socialist Government Comes Up With Crazy Plan to Tax Facebook Users as Employees


French president François Hollande has an idea. In a report, Hollande argues the French government should tax Internet companies like Google and Facebook based on their collection of personal data about their users.