SIOA nationwide ad campaign kicks off in Miami: “Leaving Islam” bus ads hit the streets

Tuesday our SIOA “Leaving Islam” ad campaign rolled out on the streets of Miami — it’s an assertion of religious liberty, the free conscience, in response to the misleading CAIR dawah bus ad campaign that has rolled out in several major cities.
One of the first projects that we’ve been working on for [...]

Bombay High Court says Islam can be criticized, but not “maliciously”

Cross-posted at JihadWatch

The problem with this ought to be obvious: who decides what constitutes “malicious” criticism? Islamic spokesmen in non-Muslim countries routinely characterize any and every criticism of Islam, including any accurate depiction of the jihad doctrine and Islamic supremacism, as malicious. It is a central element of their playbook: characterize anyone who dares to [...]