Muslims, Mormons and Liberals


Why is it okay to mock one religion but not another?

Turkey PM Pushes International Blasphemy Laws


The future of freedom of speech in the international arena looks bleak.

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Drawing a ‘Red Line’ to Protect Free Speech


Is the First Amendment safe in the Obama era?

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Standing Up for Independent Journalists and Free Speech


Will Democrats put Americans’ interests over the interests of their law industry funders?

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Banning ‘Hate Speech’ at UC?


The wrong approach to battling anti-Israel bias on California campuses.

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Inside the Brussels Conference on Free Speech and Human Rights


The movement to set Europe back on the right path continues to grow.

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Calls for a European First Amendment Grow


Time to take Europe back.

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Anti-Jihad Critics Spared a Show Trial in Norway


The last absurd twists of the Breivik trial.

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Professor Sues Purdue for Violation of his Free Speech Rights on Islam


A Frontpage Exclusive with Purdue University Professor Maurice Eisenstein.

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Calling Out Totalitarianism in Norway


A writer refuses to testify in the Breivik trial.

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