Syrian Rebel Group Armed w/Missiles by Obama Signs Truce w/ISIS

Free Syrian Army fighters run for cover after Syrian forces fired a mortar in the El Amreeyeh neighborhood of Aleppo

“Al-Qaeda is not our problem.”

Free Syrian Army Commanders Defecting Back to Assad


And if Assad fails to make enough gains, they’ll defect right back again.

Syria: “The Guy Who Was Eating a Heart, He Was Part of a Moderate Faction”

free syrian army

Abu Sakkar, the heart/lung eater, was with the Farouq Brigades which ethnically cleansed the Christians of Homs and made Christians elsewhere pay Jizya protection money.

Is the Free Syrian Army Finished?


The Free Syrian Army was a lie from beginning to end.

Free Syrian Army Spokesman Warns UN Inspectors Will Not Be Allowed into Syria


“Let the Kerry-Lavrov plan go to hell. We reject it and we will not protect the inspectors or let them enter Syria.”

NBC News Admits “Free Syrian Army” is a Myth

Not Christians, Obama Approved for Weapons Transfers

“The FSA is an army in name only. It is made up of hundreds of small units, some secular, some religious – whether mainstream or radical. Others are family gangs, or simply criminals.”

4 of 5 Moderate Free Syrian Army Front Commanders Demand to Work with Al Qaeda


These are the people Obama and McCain want us to hand over a whole country to.

Moderate Islamist Free Syrian Army Commander Who Ate Heart, Vows Genocide

free syrian army

“I have another video clip that I will send to them. In the clip I am sawing another Shabiha with a saw. The saw we use to cut trees. I sawed him in small pieces and large ones.”

Obama to Rely on Syrian Leader Who Claims Al Qaeda Aren’t Terrorists to Keep Weapons Out of Al Qaeda’s Hands

Somewhere beneath that moustache is an honest face

“Before we designate anybody or accuse anyone of being a terrorist we should tell what they have done to terrorize others,” Brigadier General Salim Idris, told al-Jazeera television. “Not everyone wearing a beard is an extremist.”

Hamas Terrorists Now Training Free Syrian Army Terrorists


The Free Syrian Army is a moderate secular organization. And you can tell because it’s dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, collaborates with Al Qaeda and is being trained by Hamas.