Andrew C. McCarthy Publishes ‘Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy’


The antidote to the delirious Arab Spring narrative.

Andrew C. McCarthy Joins The Freedom Center


Bestselling author and conservative commentator comes aboard as Executive Director of our East Coast branch.

Government Unions: How They Rob the Taxpayer, Terrorize Workers, and Threaten our Democracy


A searing new exposé from the Freedom Center reveals the true agenda of public service unions.

Caroline Glick Joins David Horowitz Freedom Center


The Jerusalem Post’s Senior Contributing Editor comes aboard to direct our Israel Security Project.

Monica Crowley Speaking in Los Angeles, July 12, 2012

Fox News’ titan coming to discuss her new book at the Freedom Center’s Wednesday Morning Club.

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What the (Bleep) Just Happened?: The Happy Warrior’s Guide to the Great American Comeback


Monica Crowley’s new book exposes the sheer volume of leftist madness to which Obama has subjected us.

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New Freedom Center Video — Ten Reasons to Abolish the UN


Shillman Journalism Fellow Daniel Greenfield explains why the U.N. has become part of the problem rather than the solution.

Robert Spencer’s Talk at the Wednesday Morning Club


A leading scholar of Islam explains why the more one looks for Muhammad, the less of him one finds.

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Moving America Forward


Congressman Mike Rogers’ speech at the Freedom Center’s West Coast Retreat.

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Mark Steyn at Restoration Weekend


A conservative titan discusses the prospect of a global civilizational shift.

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