Truth, Memory, Dignity: Why Does Monica Lovinescu Matter?


Remembering one of the most important figures of the Eastern and Central European anti-totalitarian thought.

“Knife-Control” and the Left

knife control

The reason the Left will continue to call for “gun-control,” but not knife-control.

Florida and Oklahoma Vote for Freedom


Anti-Sharia laws continue to spread throughout the nation.

Remembering a Dissident


A tribute to my father — who passed 15 years ago today — for his courageous battle against the Soviet Empire.

Anti-American Asians Don’t Speak for Me


Why “Yankees” should shun Jackie Chan and rapper PSY.

The Freedom Cliff


A new year brings a new term of tyranny under Obama.

Gun Control, People Control and Thought Control


Why the left rejects rights and responsibility.

Immigrants’ Dilemma in America


How the Left is changing the perspective of new immigrants for the worse.

The Ghosts of Hungarian Communism Haunt U.S.


Reflections on a homage to tyranny.

Freedom from Islam

Will Islam dominate America[4]

The new meaning of freedom in our time.