Sen. Ted Cruz: Turning America Around

Picture 7

A conservative warrior explains the path to victory at Restoration Weekend.

The Islamic Hijacking of George Orwell


Islam is peace, freedom is slavery.

Does Glenn Greenwald Hate America?


There’s no place the expat journalist would rather be than with terror-linked CAIR.

Obama’s 1984


Shillman Fellow Mark Tapson’s new pamphlet details our rapid descent into Orwell’s future.

Liberal Academia and My Struggle for Survival

Photo - college student in a classroom

A daring effort to inject balance into the leftist curricula.

The Lost Freedom of Association


Where we went wrong.

When Everything is Public, Then No One is Free


The butterfly flaps its wings and China gets a thunderstorm because of Global Warming. A man eats a sandwich and deprives an African village of food and increases Medicare outlays.

The Left’s War on Neoliberalism


The most acute intellectual disease of the 21st century.

Capital, Capitalists and Capitalism (Part V)


The ethical wonder of the free market.

Revolutionary Times


Two hundred thirty-seven years later, Americans are once again fighting to be free.