Freedom and Kate Upton’s Birthday


The Upton family’s unexpected contribution to the cause of liberty.

Rand Paul: The Orwellian Future Is Now

Picture 16

A dire warning for America.

Still the Land of the Free?


Obama’s frightening new America exposed.

Truth, Memory, Dignity: Why Does Monica Lovinescu Matter?


Remembering one of the most important figures of the Eastern and Central European anti-totalitarian thought.

“Knife-Control” and the Left

knife control

The reason the Left will continue to call for “gun-control,” but not knife-control.

Florida and Oklahoma Vote for Freedom


Anti-Sharia laws continue to spread throughout the nation.

Remembering a Dissident


A tribute to my father — who passed 15 years ago today — for his courageous battle against the Soviet Empire.

Anti-American Asians Don’t Speak for Me


Why “Yankees” should shun Jackie Chan and rapper PSY.

The Freedom Cliff


A new year brings a new term of tyranny under Obama.

Gun Control, People Control and Thought Control


Why the left rejects rights and responsibility.