Israel’s New Justice Minister to Clamp Down on New Israel Fund & Radical Left


There’s a new sheriff in Jerusalem.

BDS & Lawfare Is Pro-Israel Only to American Jewish Leaders

634885199350344688_new israel fund logo

The British Jewish community shows U.S. Jews what path to take.

Alisa Doctoroff, Sears Heirs and Other American Jews Harming Israel


Supporting the demise of the Jewish State.

State Department Funds Anti-Israel Extremists


Destructive meddling in Israeli democracy.

DHS Funding Battle Goes Down to the Wire


The Obama administration chooses amnesty madness over domestic security.

Creator of ‘The Americans’ Funds the Anti-Bibi Campaign


The Obama State Department, Hollywood and Jew-haters join forces.

Obama Funding the Anti-Bibi Campaign

Benjamin Netanyahu

How your tax dollars are being used in the drive to oust Netanyahu — and weaken Israel.

Six Conundrums of Socialism


Free people are not equal. Equal people are not free.

An Ominous Omnibus


The mammoth spending bill would fund amnesty and Obamacare — and could be voted on today.

The Extremist, Radical New Israel Fund and Its Funders


The immense funding campaign behind the anti-Israel organization.