Top 10 Reasons to Kick Pakistan Off the Dole


Does the U.S. really have the money to waste on such a false friend?

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Welfare for Fake Palestinian ‘Refugees’


How the continuation of this massive funding fraud cripples America’s interests.

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Bold Bill in Senate to Stop Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Scam


Obama State Department determined to see the measure fail.

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Angry Senate Votes to Cut Aid to Pakistan


A sea change in congressional support for a duplicitous ally?

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Soros Opens the Spigot


America-hating billionaire and friends plan to spend $100M to help Democrats.

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Obama Funds Terrorists


The president removes restrictions on taxpayer dollars sent to the Palestinians for their war against Israel.

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Brankrupt Greece to Pay for ‘Disabled’ Exhibitionists, Kleptomaniacs and Pedophiles


Only in the leftist welfare state.

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Paychecks for Pedophiles


Greece adds child molesters to the ranks of “disabled” welfare recipients.

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Occupy Wall Street and Soros’ Fingerprints


Who is funding the neo-communist uprising?

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Stupak and Lessons Learned: Democrats Lie. Chronically

The second lesson that should be learned is that there is no such thing as a Pro-Life Democrat. Partisanship and agendas over-ride all for them. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Bart Stupak sold out for an Executive Order;  a piece of paper that holds absolutely no merit, particularly when coming from arguably [...]