The Wages of Hillary’s War


Will Clinton be held accountable for the mounting body count in Libya?

Hillary Lied, Libyans Died


Hundreds just died because of Obama and Hillary’s illegal Libyan war.

No Islamic City upon a Hill


Muslim faith and freedom fail to combine at conference.

Obama: Serial Liar


Chronicling the lengths a desperate president has gone to conceal the truth.

Christopher Stevens Feeds the Crocodile


What the U.S. ambassador to Libya really died for.

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Why Syria Will Not Be Another Libya


This isn’t a conflict between a dictator and his people like every media outlet is trying to present it to be.

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The Syrian Impasse


Why hopes for Syrian regime change are futile.

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The Libyan Rebels’ Massacre


What the “humanitarian mission” really achieved.

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The Libyan Pandora’s Box


Where did the chemical weapons and surface-to-air missiles go?

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Gaddafi Dead — So What?

What a myopic view the Western media and its array of “experts” have concerning the so-called “Arab Spring” — a myopia that naturally metastasizes among the general public. Consider the Libyan crisis. As usual, the focus is entirely on the individual, on the tangible — the now dead Gaddafi — whom all the blame can […]