New Obama Record: 3 Years of $3 a Gallon Gas

obama gas prices

Hope, Change and Bankruptcy.

Americans Pay $900 More to Fill Up Their Car Under Obama

obama gas

The price of gasoline has a direct impact on the cost of most goods and services and Obama’s war on oil will raise the price that people pay for everything from a glass of milk to a package delivery.

Debunking Obama’s Energy Policy Lies


As gas prices rise, so does the president’s misdirection.

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Socialist Sanders’ Hot Air on Gas


It wasn’t about speculators then. It’s not about them now.

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Sabotaging America: The Obama Energy Agenda


Steps the president could take to ease gas price worries.

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Obama Media Machine: Soaring Gas Prices a Good Thing


Stunning Democratic hypocrisy over an issue once relentlessly used to savage the Bush administration.