Ben Shapiro: Fracking Saved the Obama Economy


A Truth Revolt video.

Out of Gas in the Golden State


Leftist environmental policies are hurting the little guy the most.

The EPA’s Disturbing Human Experiments


Unhealthy people purposely exposed to what the agency defines as lethal amounts of toxic gas.

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EPA’s ‘Crucifixion’ of Energy Sector Exposed


A glimpse into the zealotry governing Obama’s out-of-control agency.

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Peace Faltering as Egypt Cuts Gas to Israel


Key plank of treaty goes up in smoke.

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A New Era of Mideast Energy?


The Israeli-Cyprus alliance strengthens — while Turkey’s hostility grows.

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An EMP Attack on America?


Why Congress needs to pass the SHIELD Act now.

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Cap and Trade Catastrophe


The UK offers a chilling preview of the future, while Obama administration regulations already force five coal-powered plants to close.

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We Need a Hearing on Fed’s Role in Gas Prices


The government makes more on every gallon sold than anyone in the supply chain.

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Jihadi State Rising


The reason why Saudi Arabia presented Turkey’s Prime Minister with one of the country’s most prestigious prizes.