“What Happens If We Have a Lesbian Queen in a Same-Sex Marriage?” House of Lords Asks

Whichever Lesbian shall put this sword from this stone...

Lord True, a Conservative peer, proposed changes to the Bill that would explicitly define an heir to the body as the product of a heterosexual marriage.

Obama Begins Push For Mandatory Nationwide Gay Marriage


Gay marriage, according to Obama, is now a Constitutional right. For now, Obama Inc. is just applying that constitutional right to California and civil union states, but the clear meaning is that it applies nationwide.

Media Lambastes DC Comics for Hiring Traditional Values Writer


The militant Left embarks on a crusade to destroy another dissenter.

Smearing Conservatives, Raking in Cash


The Southern Poverty Law Center’s well-funded mission to delegitimize conservative voices.

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The Left’s Orwellian Assault on Chick-fil-A


To punish dissenters, left-wing politicians promise to use the full force of the government.

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How the Gay-Marriage Mob Slimed Manny Pacquiao


The Soros-funded smear campaign against the boxing champion.

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Obama 2012, Get Used To It? — on The Glazov Gang

Evan Sayet, Tommi Trudeau and Rob Nelson battle it out on Frontpage’s tv show.

Will Gay Marriage Threaten Black Support for Obama?


What took black church leaders so long to reconsider their near blind support for the Left?

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Why Obama Flip-Flopped on Gay Marriage — on The Glazov Gang


Evan Sayet, Tommi Trudeau and Rob Nelson battle it out on Frontpage’s tv show.

Obama’s Gay Marriage Flip-Flop — on The Glazov Gang


Leftist film producer Tommi Trudeau joins Evan Sayet and Rob Nelson and the heated battle ensues.