Another Day, Another Fake Anti-Gay Hate Crime


There seem to be more fake gay hate crimes than real ones.

Does the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Need Mayors?


Bill de Blasio’s popularity rating is down to 51%

No, Arizona Protecting Religious Freedom is Not “Jim Crow”


No one should be jailed for not participating in a gay wedding.

Muslim Leaders Praise Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill


The Muslim Council has urged a national support for the president.

Social Justice Teens Carve Swastika into Teen Boy’s Head for Calling Them “Gay”


“They beat him without compassion.”

New York Times’ Biased Coverage on Muslim Persecution


The leftist script must always prevail.

California Supreme Court May Ban Judges from Being Boy Scouts

Not in California you don't

Banning scout membership would “promote the integrity of the judiciary”.

Bill de Blasio to Boycott St. Patrick’s Day Parade

bill de blasio

Organizers predict more than 1 million people will attend

Maine Court says Banning Men from Using the Ladies Room is Discrimination


It would be illegal for a restaurant to prohibit a man from using the women’s bathroom

Study that Claimed 5% of Students Were Gay was Based on Student Prank


More than 70 percent of the self-reported homosexuals had gone “straight