Maine Court says Banning Men from Using the Ladies Room is Discrimination


It would be illegal for a restaurant to prohibit a man from using the women’s bathroom

Study that Claimed 5% of Students Were Gay was Based on Student Prank


More than 70 percent of the self-reported homosexuals had gone “straight

Secretary of Defense: Only Military Issue Obama Cared About was Gays


The only military matter which I sensed deep passion was ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’

Lib Mag: Women’s Bathrooms “Privilege” Female Rape Victims

This is not a joke. This is liberalism.

The bathroom divide minimizes the existence of sexual assault that is not male-on-female.

The Absurdity of A&E’s Duck Dynasty Actions


It’s entirely possible that A&E wanted all this to happen

We Can Have Gay Rights or Freedom of Speech


When the left talks about tolerance, it means intolerance.

Center for American Progress Uses Drag Queens to Promote ObamaCare


Obama is chasing gays for the same reason that he’s chasing young invincibles.

Participate in Gay Wedding… or Go to Jail for a Year


Because freedom isn’t free. It has to be taken away.

Marriage Equality: Unprotected Gay Sex Increases 20%


If every other magazine, TV show and movie were promoting smoking…

Do Gay Rights Trump the First Amendment?


The equal treatment of gay couples is more important than the free speech rights of photographers