Beck-Bashing Author Admits He ‘Never Tried to Get in Touch With’ His Subject

I’m so old, I remember when hostile “unauthorized biographers” at least pretended they’d made every effort to contact the subject of their “investigations.”
“No, Mr. X didn’t return my numerous calls or answer my letters. What can I say? Maybe he has something to hide, who knows…?”
In fact, Gay Talese created a whole new literary sub-genre [...]

Très Chic, Newsweek: Tired Jabs Make For Shoddy Poetry

You’re really going to love this gem from Jerry Adler at Newsweek.  I mean, it’s just so special.
I can see them now, tightly huddled, reading it with bated breath, tittering, grabbing each other in fits and peals of delirious laughter, “OMG, no wayyyyy.  That’s so…bad!”  Real inventive, too.  Great idea ramming MSNBC talking points and [...]

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