CUNY Welcomes Jew-Hating Gay Activists

Sarah Schulman

Anti-Israel hate-fest set to bash the only safe haven for homosexuals in the Middle East.

Obama Continues Radical Social Engineering of the Military


Same-sex domestic partners receive benefits at the expense of married heterosexual couples.

Gaymes Bond


The death of Hollywood masculinity.

Sarah Schulman, Palestinian Activist


A glimpse into the psychopathology of Israel-hatred.

Campus Left Mobilizes Against Diversity Officer


Gallaudet University acts swiftly to punish woman who supports Maryland’s right to vote on same-sex marriage.

Oppressed by a Pronoun


What elite universities are teaching our youth.

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The Poison of Multiculturalism


A Norwegian court places Islamic values above individual rights

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The Media and ‘Bullying’


Which minority group is in vogue for the Left determines media crusades.

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Kevin Jennings, “Safe Schools Czar”

Kevin Jennings

To view the full Kevin Jennings profile, click here. Excerpts from the Kevin Jennings profile: A native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Kevin Jennings was raised by a father who was a Baptist minister, and a mother who was irreligious and anti-Catholic. After graduating from Harvard College in 1985, Jennings took a job as a high-school history teacher. Three years later […]