Hamas: The Terror Elite

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The Freedom Center’s pamphlet about the Islamofascist organization is more urgent and relevant than ever.

Rockets Pound Israel on Seventh Day of War

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As desperate diplomats still angle for a truce.

Hamas Grows in Popularity Among Palestinians


Years of terror campaigns have only made the rulers of Gaza more popular.

The Palestinian Human Rights Nightmare


The fruits of “liberation” from Israeli rule.

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The New Middle East: A Graveyard


Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh embarks on an Arab Spring tour to put a human face on his inhuman terrorist organization.

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Voices of Palestine: Yunis Al-Astal


First the Palestinians will have the honor of annihilating the Jews, and then the United States.

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Israel: Lion or Lamb?

An Israeli soldier places a national flag on grave of a fallen comrade in Jerusalem

A military analyst looks at reality and perception for Israel.

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Will Israel Invade Gaza?


Tough pros and cons for Jerusalem.

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Gilad Comes Home


The deliverance of an innocent individual who suffered only because he defended his country.

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Losing Turkey


The frightening strategic consequences.