The U.N.’s Child Death Cult Education

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New UNRWA textbooks caught urging war and jihad martyrdom to grade-schoolers.

Palestinian Authority: 1,700 Hamas Millionaires in Gaza

gaza siege

It’s full of welfare millionaires.

Hamas Ponders Referendum to Incorporate Gaza into Russia

lavrov hamas

If Gaza becomes Russian, it may even have nuclear weapons,

Israel Fights Back Against Gaza Terror


The Israeli Defense Force shows its prowess once again.

Medea Benjamin Booted Out of Egypt


A radical’s political pilgrimage gets derailed by the Egyptian military.

Muslims Attack Gaza Church: “The Days of You O Worshipers of the Cross”

كنيسة دير اللاتين

Gaza has about a thousand Christians remaining after a series of attacks

‘Friends’ Tell Israel: Take Risks, Endanger Yourself


Why must the Jewish State make “dangerous” concessions for peace?

Trying to Scare Israel


Why the voices clamoring for Israel to give up more of its rights are putting the country at risk.

Israel Breaks Up Al Qaeda Plot to Bomb US Embassy


While Obama and Kerry were pressuring Israel to free terrorists…

Supporter of Muslim Terrorists in Israel Blown Away by Taliban in Afghanistan


“If you want to experience the horrors of apartheid… visit France.”