A Setback for Geert Wilders


Why don’t the Dutch get it?

Geert Wilders: Marked for Death


The story of a man hunted for the beliefs he holds and truth he speaks.

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Netherlands Sliding into the Abyss


A new set of statistics shows its worse than you feared.

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Harry Potter and the Vanishing Jihad


Has J.K. Rowling sent us a coded message?

The Wrong Man


Geert Wilders is on trial in the Netherlands, but who should the authorities really be prosecuting?

Free Speech Victory


Miami-Dade Transit agrees to restore “Leaving Islam” ads on buses.

Is Wilders Wrong About Islam?


What does it mean that 61% of the Koran speaks with hate about non-Muslims?

Toronto Muslim: ‘We need another Holocaust’ (video)

Last Friday, my husband and I joined about one hundred others to document a Jewish Defense League (JDL)/ Yidden on Wheels protest outside Palestine House, just outside Toronto. This taxpayer-funded enterprise would be hosting a talk the following day by journalist Abdul Bari Atwan, who famously said:
If the Iranian missiles strike Israel, by Allah, I [...]

The Silence of the Lambs


Why are Christians failing to speak out against the evils perpetrated in the name of Islam?

Fox Turns On Wilders


Why is the network joining the attack against the Dutch politician?