Media Bias: Robert Spencer Interview As It Really Happened — And As It Was Reported


SBS TV in Australia goes to work to denigrate foes of jihad.

Notes on ‘Counterjihad’


Counterjihadists are today’s anti-Communists – in more ways than one.

Melanie Phillips’ Friendly Fire


Phillips betrays her allies when the chips are down — and sends an encouraging message to the enemies of the United Kingdom.

A Tale of Two Synagogues


Truth and freedom won the day on April 14 when Pamela Geller spoke at the Chabad event in Great Neck.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Promotes Jihad With Your Money


Leftist propaganda with conservative support.

Islamism’s No-Show at CPAC


My effort to find concern for U.S. national security at the Conservative Political Action Conference 2013.

Video: Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller at CPAC “Uninvited” Panel


Breitbart News provides a stage to a group of speakers barred from CPAC.

Mona Eltahawy’s Revolutionary Sex Poem


“Journalist” and Stanley Cohen-client links her fascist vandalism of pro-freedom ads to a sexual revolution, or something….

Siding with Savages


Dhimmis choose denial.

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Unprecedented Sharia Enforcement by City Governments


Pamela Geller’s new ad campaign leads public officials and the media to desperately try to surrender to Islamic Law.

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