New Book Claims General Petraeus Was Taken Down by the CIA


Webb and Murphy said the CIA bureaucracy wanted Petraeus out of the CIA. Senior officials were furious over the way he had been running the agency since he was appointed in September 2011.

Petraeus Refuses to Accept Responsibility for Rice’s Benghazi Lies


Petraeus testified that the initial “talking points” from the Obama administration to prepare officials for what they should say publicly in the first days after the attack had been changed to delete references to any al Qaida involvement in the event.

Security Threat Investigation Delayed to Protect Obama?


Why is the FBI only now investigating potential Broadwell leaks?

America’s Worst Ally


Pakistan hid Osama bin Laden. What punishment does it get?

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The New Way to Fight Terror


America’s new intelligence strategy to disrupt terrorist cells and training operations.

Faisal’s Terror Ties


An international plot unfolds.

The White House War Against Israel


In the administration’s rage against the Jewish state, an anti-Semitic trope emerges.