Western Indifference to the Palestinian Culture of Hate


Al Aqsa Mosque-goers, including children, break out in spontaneous prayer to slaughter Jews.

Christian Extermination in the Middle East


Chuches and communities are being terrorized into oblivion.

You Can’t Stop Genocide Without Killing Civilians


Learning the lesson of Afghanistan.

Fidel Castro Denounces Palestinian ‘Holocaust’


The hypocrisy of a communist mass murderer.

Hamas: The Terror Elite

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Revealing the truth about a genocidal death cult.

If Genocide Won’t Unite Iraq, Nothing Will


Obama’s predictions of a united Iraq have fallen apart.

The Media’s Silence to Hamas’ Genocidal Venom


Blaming the victim of the crimes of a death cult.

Trivializing the Shoah and Fabricating an African ‘Holocaust’


Downplaying the significance of the Jewish Holocaust.

Turkey’s New Jihad on Christian Armenians

Turkey's Christians are a tiny minority.

“Moderate” Muslim nation abets an Islamist extermination campaign in Syria.

Empowering Palestinians Who Reject Israel’s Right to Exist


What the prisoner releases reveal about the “peace process.”