Why Jeremiah Wright Matters — Still, Part II


A relationship far closer than the relationship many sons have with their fathers.

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Rehabilitating Scott Ritter


The New York Times’ too-generous portrait of a conspiracy theorist and sex offender.

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The New Korean War


Kim Jong-il puts his tyranny’s armed forces on war footing.

Against ObamaCare?


If you are, then you’re a fascist racist hater.

Obama’s Budget Blame Game


The president blames his predecessor for his own fiscal profligacy.

Brown’s National Security Victory

Democrats' Bad Week

Massachusetts voters reject treating our terrorist enemies like common criminals.

The Lies of Obama


An extraordinary record of serial mendacity.

Code Pink’s Support for the Enemy

ADDITION Rice US Middle East

There’s no tyrant the female “peace” group won’t coddle.

The Pretense of Knowledge – by Walter Williams


Does Congress know exactly what’s best for you?