Jewish Woman Defies George Galloway’s “Israel-Free Zone” in the UK


Sad news for Saddam’s favorite alcoholic.

White British Leftists in Keffiyahs Hate “Cheap Jewish Settlements”

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They have authentic Made in China scarves and they’re having flashbacks to the 70s.

The Anti-American, Anti-Israel, British Anti-War Movement


Supporting Assad over America & Israel.

Islamists and Anti-War Left Splitting Over Syria


The left thought the Islamists were anti-war, when they were actually just Anti-Semites and Anti-Shiites.

Is George Galloway the Dumbest Politician in the UK?

British MP George Galloway speaks to the Islamic Action Front supporters in Amman

George has declared that he will boycott debates about Israel with people who support “the existence of the racist Apartheid creed of Zionism.” Perhaps from now on George will limit himself to debating people who agree with him. That should significantly improve his chances of winning one of these things.

George Galloway Finally Finds a Terrorist Group He Opposes


“I am not with the Syrian regime. I am against their enemies, because their enemies are worse than them. I was not with Saddam Hussein, but I was against his enemies.”

Pro-Palestinianism: A Movement of Hate, Pt. I


The ugly face of the Western pro-Palestinian movement.

Being George Galloway –

When it comes to George Galloway, where do we begin? In recent years, the former British Labour MP—now representing the Respect Party for the district of Bethnal Green and Bow—could be found lauding Syria as a force for stability in Lebanon, defending the fraudulent re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran and denying Hezbollah’s long record […]