Greece’s Socialist Education


Rebuffing state-run universities at home should have been a lesson to Greece’s socialist leader.

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Greek Premier: My Socialist Country’s Screwups Are America’s Fault

In order to distract from the grave fiscal crisis caused by Greece’s cradle-to-grave socialism, Greek socialist prime minister George Papandreou is threatening to sue American banks.
Like his father before him who was also prime minister, Papandreou is the leader of the political party PASOK, which is the Panhellenic Socialist Movement. He is also president of the Socialist International. [...]

Beware of Greeks Bearing Deficits

Athens, Greece looks like the return of the Peloponnesian War: riots, worker’s striking with homemade bombs hurled at police, students protesting, banks burned by anti-capitalists, and people killed. The hostility has halted trains and all flights and cruises to and from Greece are grounded. The fat lady is singing. 
Greece’s excessive government spending has EU markets [...]

Holding Spendthrifts Responsible


Those responsible for the public debt crisis should pay the price.