Soros Tied to FCC’s Media Control Project


Follow the Money

George Soros Funding Anti-Israel Evangelical Group

George Soros

Telos receives “approximately half” of their funding from Soros

George Soros Convenes Criminals to Advise De Blasio on Not Fighting Crime

“After Bloomberg, it’s time for a change,” said Gregorio “Koko” Cruz, who was convicted of manslaughter

Obama on Soros: “I’m Never F-ing Sitting with that Guy Again.”


Soros talked Obama’s ear off for 45 minutes. Obama was “annoyed and bored,”

George Soros’s Illegal Alien Guerrilla Activists


Breaking the law, harassing their political enemies — and demanding citizenship.

Joe Biden’s Middle East Delusions


Palestinians are the least ideological and sectarian Arabs in the region?

Occupy Wall Street May Soon Occupy New York’s City Hall


The sad state of politics in the Big Apple.

Soros-Funded Religious Left Group Targets Gitmo


But silence on Sudan’s chief torturer being welcomed to Washington.

Soros Donates $1 Mil to NAACP to Promote Voter Fraud


Soros cares about voting rights the way sharks care about the feelings of tuna. Soros doesn’t have much in common with the NAACP but is using it as a tool to promote his real agenda.

Al Gore: George Soros Should Have More Influence Over American Politics


Apparently controlling the White House and the Foreign Policy of the country via the Soros Money Machine isn’t enough. Not until the entire Senate and Congress bows to the new Emperor of America.