Poll Says Obama is Worst President in 70 Years


Obama has been running against Bush, but he finally managed to beat him in one election.

NBC Blames Bush for Al Qaeda Takeover of Fallujah in 2014

Williams pointing bush

Apparently we’re on George W. Bush’s fourth term.

Barely Half of Liberals say Obama is Better at Foreign Policy than Bush


Among liberals, only 54% say that Obama’s handling of foreign policy is better than that of Bush.

Bush Approval Rating Rises 10 Points Among Democrats Since Obama Win


More Americans remember George W. Bush approvingly than negatively, according to a new survey

Even George W. Bush Doesn’t Support Gang of 8 Illegal Alien Amnesty

George W. Bush

“The right reason is it’s important to reform a broken system. I’m not sure a right reason is that in so doing we win votes.”

Hipster Icon Patti Smith: ‘We Can Live with Terrorism’


Artist “more concerned about the death of a bee” than preventing the next 9/11.

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Five Pearls of Wisdom for Young Leftists


Key lessons not taught in universities.

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Obama the Out-of-Touch Elitist


Why the president is hardly a “man of the people.”

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A Good Progressive War


What opponents of the Iraq war think a good war looks like.

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Left’s Reaction to Obama’s Iraq Surrender: Triumphalism and Hate


Progressives’ fondest wish comes true.

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