Another Phony “Veteran”


Illinois’ Phil Hare is the latest Democratic candidate to embellish his military service record.

Disasters and Double Standards


Where’s the media outrage over Obama’s mismanagement of the Gulf Coast crisis?

The New Way to Fight Terror


America’s new intelligence strategy to disrupt terrorist cells and training operations.

Luck Is Not A Strategy


America’s safety depends on the proposition that Islamic terrorists will prove more incompetent than the Obama administration.

Remembering the Cold Warriors

American Soviet Flag

Will the unsung heroes who guarded against the communist threat ever get their due?

Legacy of a Judicial Activist


John Paul Stevens prepares to retire after 35 years on the Supreme Court.

Tom Campbell: Tool of the Muslim Brotherhood?


What you haven’t heard about the troubling record of the Republican Senate candidate in California.

Getting Gas Wrong


How an Obama administration environmental initiative could cut gas production, slash jobs, and raise energy prices.

Against ObamaCare?


If you are, then you’re a fascist racist hater.

Politically Incorrect Fiction


New novels challenge the liberal mainstream narrative.