The Real George Zimmerman


A cautionary tale for conservatives.

George Zimmerman Cures Cancer


“Cancer is a white man’s disease,” said MSNBC political commentator Al Sharpton. “No black man ever got cancer unless he got it from white people.”

Jesse Jackson Jumps the Selma Civil Rights Shark


Jesse Jackson is comparing Florida to Selma and South Africa, based on a single case whose outcome he didn’t like.

Jesse Jackson Vows to “Bring Down” Florida like South Africa


Considering that the GDP of Illinois is behind Florida and Chicago is basically a Detroit waiting to happen, Jesse Jackson might look to his own backyard

Zimmerman Trial Creating a Boom in Deceptive Media Editing


Some skeptics say that journalism is dead. But let’s look at the glass half-full.

The Radical Hijacking of the Zimmerman Verdict


How socialist groups around the country are exploiting the controversy for their devious ends.

Zimmerman, Alinsky and Obama


The political usefulness of racial discord in America.

Reflections on My Oakland Trayvon Rally Assault

Picture 6

What the Left really means by “no justice, no peace.”

Florida Boycott Extended to Coca Cola, Lemonade, Foot Locker, Dixie Cups


Boycott oranges! Why? Because they grow in Florida!

‘Justice for Trayvon’ Chicago: ‘Racism Is in DNA of America’


A rally against America’s “genocide.”