President of Country that Putin Invaded in 2009 Predicted Invasion of Crimea


So what did Hillary’s State Department do with that information?

Social Moralizers Turn Backs on Baby Antonio

Picture 4

A victim of inner city violence whose name will never be famous in America.

Is Russia Itching for War with Georgia?


Pro-American regime in peril.

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Terror from Tehran


Brazen terror attacks on Israeli diplomats.

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Primary Lessons


The Left sputters, while the Tea Parties surge.

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Israel’s Critics and Hollow Lies


Dismantling the propaganda one lie at a time.

The Return of Cap and Trade


The Kerry-Lieberman act is an extreme overreaction to a non-problem.

Dissecting Obama

obama clueless

A close look at the president’s clueless post-modernism.

Selective Outrage


Silence on the brutal occupation of Georgia reveals global double standard toward Israel.

A Russian Coup in Kyrgyzstan?


The government of Kurmanbek Bakiyev, which has hosted a critical U.S. air base since 2001, is overthrown by pro-Russian forces.