Boycotting the Israel Boycotters


Fighting fire with fire.

Germany’s Christian Democratic Union Party Gains First Muslim Parlimentarian

Cemile Giousouf

“Religious people, whatever religion they belong to, have shared interests. Both Muslims and Christians in Germany want for example to have religion taught at school.”

German Converts to Islam Ethnically Cleansing Christians in Syria


The Nazis are back. They just had to stop by a mosque and convert to Islam first.

United Nations’ War on Free Speech Continues


Stricter blasphemy laws on the horizon for Germany?

Muslims in Germany Celebrate Ramadan with Four Nights of Rioting


On Thursday evening a mob attacked policemen. Last night they burned cars and hurled stones.

Islam’s Cartoon Jihad Strikes Again

Picture 12

Not even universities are safe havens for free speech.

Hannah Arendt and the Catastrophes of the 20th Century


A new film brings to life the persona of the much-debated philosopher.

Former German Socialist Chancellor, “Islamic Immigration is the Problem”


Helmut Schmidt should be around 95 now, so I assume he doesn’t know that he’s not supposed to say that sort of thing.

German Left Ramps Up Attacks on Islam Critics


The future for free speech in Europe gets darker.

Germany Revives the Jewish Boycott


Where are the calls for economic sanctions against real human rights abusers?