The Consequences of ‘Slandering’ the Prophet of Islam


An author of a forbidden book on Mohammed faces down authorities in Germany.

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Europe’s Multicultural Nightmare


Outbreaks of violence rising to levels rarely seen in the modern era.

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“Germany is a War Zone”, says Jihadist Rapper Deso Dogg


You are not going to live in safety. You employ millions and billions for the war against Islam. And that’s why this country is here, the Federal Republic of Germany, is a war zone.”

68 Percent of Berlin’s Criminals are Immigrants


And it’s not just Germany that’s reeling under the assault of Turkish Muslim immigration. In the UK, Turks have become the new mafia.

Bin Laden Bodyguard Discovered in Germany


Active jihadist agent has been operating freely and converting others to the cause.

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Don’t Let America Imitate a Burning EU


Flames rise higher while even supporters of the supranational organization see a bleak future.

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The Lies of Günter Grass


A pitiable specimen of bad faith and muddled thinking.

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Greece’s Problems Are Far from Over


A false sense of relief follows the troubled country’s EU bailout deal.

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Socialist Destruction Unleashed in Greece


“We are a breath away from ground zero.”

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A New Sect of Honor Killing Enthusiasts


The gift of multiculturalism keeps on giving.

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