Trading Terrorists for Hostages Only Costs More Lives


“According to Islam, whoever kills a Jew goes to heaven.”

Voices of Palestine: Ahlam Tamimi

Ahlam Tamimi small

A proud child-killer and soldier of Allah.

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Voices of Palestine: Wafa al-Bis


A released suicide bomber vows to return to killing Jews.

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Gifts for Terrorists: Your Tax Dollars at Work


U.S. taxpayers underwrite cash and cell phones for terrorists released in the Gilad Shalit exchange.

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Reward for the Next Kidnapped Israeli Soldier


Arab voices push it while Israel seeks a new approach….

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Getting the Shalit Deal Straight


How the negotiating paradigm must be changed.

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The Strategic Failure of the Shalit Exchange


As the jubilation fades, the dangerous reality sets in.

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Gilad Shalit and the Future Palestinian State


What the prisoner swap really tells us about “Palestine.”

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Gilad Comes Home


The deliverance of an innocent individual who suffered only because he defended his country.

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Faces of Terror


A closer look at the terrorists freed in exchange for Gilad Shalit.

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