Acid Attack in Zanzibar


In Islamic Tanzania, ignorance isn’t always bliss.

U.S. Allies Lead in Female Genital Mutilation


Why do leftists and feminists remain silent?

Middle East Peace Process

Picture 2

Palestinian schoolgirls dedicate a special song to their neighbors, the Jewish apes and pigs.

South Africa’s Hell on Earth


Radical monsters cheered on by the international elite create a living nightmare for blacks and women.

Ladies Against Senator Sleaze-Bob


Where is the left-wing War on Women brigade on Sen. Menendez’s brewing scandal?

Like a Virgin: Obama Ad Sets a New Low


I’m Barack Obama and I approved the worst political ad ever.

The Taliban’s Barbaric Shooting of Child Activist


14-year-old Malala Yousufzai survived — but for how long?

Egypt’s Salafi Party Objects to Banning Sex Slavery


“Such things do not exist” in Egypt.

Iranian Child Brides Get Younger — And More Numerous


The number of Iranian brides under 10 years of age rises sharply.

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Summer Love, Arab Style


A glimpse inside the barbaric cages of sex slave marriages in the Islamic Middle East.

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