Gitmo: Closing Up Shop?


What the Bergdahl fiasco may be foreshadowing.

Five Jihadis For One Deserter


The Bergdahl prisoner exchange defied intelligence reports and endangers Americans.

Al Qaeda Terrorist Freed from Gitmo Finally Blown Away in Syria


Ibrahim Bin Shakaran has gone to the big Gitmo in the sky.

Obama to Free Osama bin Laden’s Bodyguard


Obama’s own task force claimed Mujahid was too dangerous to release

Al Qaeda Terrorists at Gitmo Get 6 Hours of Art Classes a Week

Bob Ross.2

They killed 3,000 Americans and all we give them is six hours of art classes a week.

Gitmo Parting Gifts: Job Training & Islam Classes


Obama’s conditions for releasing terrorists — before he sends them to an al-Qaeda safe haven.

Happy Ending: Jihadist Freed from Gitmo Killed Trying to Ethnically Cleanse Syria

Mideast Syria Rbel Against Rebel

Mohammed al Alami claimed that he only confessed to Al Qaeda ties after being “captured and being beaten and threatened with death.”

9/11 Would-Be Hijacker Claims Denying him Olives and Honey is “Psychological Torture”


“The only worthwhile use for the life of a traitor is to serve as an example to those of weak moral fiber who might hereafter be tempted to commit treason.”

Gitmo Terrorists Prefer 50 Shades of Grey to the Koran


” They’ve read the entire series in English, but we were willing to translate it.”

Gitmo Inmate Searches Banned Because Groin Searches are “Abhorrent to Muslims”


Things that aren’t abhorrent to Muslims include underwear bombs, smuggling weapons and stabbing guards.