Obama Ignoring His Responsibilities, Says Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck said yesterday that President Obama shouldn’t be jetting off to Copenhagen, Denmark, in order to help promote Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympics.
While the president is jetsetting around the world, he’s ignoring his responsibilities as America’s military commander-in-chief, Beck argued.
The troops that are coming home dead from Afghanistan. And, while he’s found the time [...]

Media Matters asks: Did Glenn Beck’s mother really commit suicide?

Besides condemning anyone committing the latest “sin” — that is, referring to “illegal immigrants” as, er, “illegal immigrants” — Media Matters‘ “senior fellows” are now devoting their considerable energy and financial resources to one of the pressing issues of our time: whether or not Glenn Beck is lying about the way his mother died.
Like you, [...]

Media Matters begging letter attacks Hannity and Beck, defends ACORN

They say you know you’re over the target when you’re drawing flak.
Last week, the George Soros-funded, self-styled media watchdog group Media Matters for America sent out an urgent fund raising email, which read in part:
The conservative media has a hit list, and, as you know, ACORN is its most recent target. Right-wing talkers like Glenn [...]

Obama in a Rush on Things Domestic but Military and Defense Issues Can Wait

Glenn Beck took a rare foray into foreign policy and international relations on his TV show Thursday. He complained that President Obama postures, acting as if his entire domestic agenda must be enacted without a moment’s delay. In the meantime, the President takes his sweet time acting on matters of national security.
“May I ask you [...]

Media Matters not quite sure how “media” actually works?

Apparently, it’s some “Senior Fellow’s” job at Media Matters to watch Glenn Beck’s FOX News show, then report on which companies are still running commercials in his time slot.
Life in the George Soros Steno Pool. Darn, I knew I should have gone to college…
Let’s review, shall we? A group originally co-founded by disgraced ex-Green Jobs [...]