In Snowy New York, New York Times Predicts the End of Snow


The New York Times is on the way out. The snow is still coming down

Mayor Who Couldn’t Handle Snowstorm to be UN Global Warming Envoy


“I can’t think of a person better suited for this important new role,” John Kerry said.

Warmist Who Got Ship Stuck in Ice Trying to Prove Ice was Melting Wins Global Warming Award


No, it’s not a Darwin Award

UN Climate Chief says Dictatorships are Best at Fighting Global Warming


The best Warmunists are also Communists.

A Killing Frost for Green Bosses


What explains the sudden wave of retirements among enviro elites?

Obama Spent $7.4 Bil Helping Third World Fight Imaginary Problem


We’re borrowing money from China to teach them to stop polluting.

This is /R/Science, No Debating Here Please


Do you know how you can tell a scientific position isn’t science, but ideology?

Obama’s NASA Spent $390K on Cartoon “Green Ninja” to Fight “Coal Man”

green ninja

The Green Ninja was created to motivate “kids to take action on climate change.

Top EPA Global Warming Expert Also Lied About Working for the CIA


He also claimed to be suffering from malaria that he got while serving in Vietnam

Global Warming: Snow Hits Cairo for the First Time in 100 Years


Haifa was hit with its first snowfall in 22 years