Obama, Israel and the Genesis Prediction


Israeli-American relations are the worst they have been in recent memory.

“Demonizing” Government Leads to Violence?


Get a grip, Mr. Clinton.

Choosing Mugabe


How the religious Left betrayed a Methodist Bishop for a dictator.

How Evil Works


Understanding and overcoming the destructive forces that are transforming America.

The Mask Slips on Israel’s Left


A leftist editor smears a fallen Israeli solider as a “jihadist.”

Reclaiming Religion from the Left


How political correctness is undermining the sacred.

Preparing for Richard Dawkins’ Crocodile Tears

Recently, while watching the news, I wondered, “Why do teary atheists hate Catholics so much?” Then, I said a quiet prayer for their victims. If Charles Darwin were alive today, the militant atheist Richard Dawkins, no doubt, would attack him for being a 7-day creationist. Or cry. Why? Because Darwin’s words reveal he was more [...]

Endless War


Ralph Peters reflects on how we can effectively combat an enemy that we’re afraid to name.

A Letter to Gaza


Why did your culture end up valuing hate over love and death over life?

They Fought Like Tigers


Recounting the heroism of Cuba’s fallen and forgotten freedom-fighters.