Did Google’s $1 Billion Force Mozilla to Dump Eich?


Google accounted for nearly 90% of Mozilla’s revenue

No, Self-Driving Cars Won’t Replace Public Transportation


Flying cars have existed for a while, but have never taken off

Google News Teams Up with Google Plus to Thank Allah for Sharon’s Death

google news

Is marketing Google Plus to Jihadists the way to go?

Common Core and the EduTech Abyss

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 12.35.52 AM

How filthy rich tech giants like Apple and Google will make a killing from federal regulations.

Obama’s Google Supporters Moved 80% of Pre-Tax Profits into Bermuda Shell Company


Google was the third largest source of Obama’s campaign cash. A number of Google executives took jobs within Obama Inc and Google’s PAC has plowed large amounts of money into the Democratic Party. So naturally when Obama talks about making the rich pay, he doesn’t mean his friends at Google who moved 80 percent of their pre-tax profits into a shell company in Bermuda.

Google Now More Committed than Obama to the US Constitution


As a private company, Google has no obligation to keep the video up and is not bound by the Bill of Rights. Barack Hussein Obama, who pledged to uphold the Constitution of the United States, has shown less commitment to the Constitution than a corporation.

Media Swoon Over ‘Techie’ Obama


How necessary is technological know-how to the presidency?

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Google’s New Motto: Don’t Get Caught Being Evil?

Google is well known for the motto “Don’t Be Evil.”  But behind the scenes the company’s executives seem to be guided by a different principle: Don’t Get Caught Being Evil.
A German regulatory audit of the Google Street View project has forced the information giant to admit that employees accidentally grabbed about 600 gigabytes of personal [...]

The Only Thing Worth Dying For


How eleven Green Berets forged a new Afghanistan.

Leave the camel. Take the machete.

Nick Bergamini and Mark Klibanov, two Ottawa students, were attacked by a group men who yelled ‘Zionist’ and ‘Jew ‘
The morning after Ann Coulter’s Ottawa speech was canceled thanks to the hijinks of  “peaceful” student protesters, I typed “Ann Coulter + Ottawa” into Google News and turned up over 2000 stories.
Ottawa students were involved in [...]