Donald Trump’s Eminent-Domain Empire


It’s time to wise up to the “The Donald’s” property redistribution racket.

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From the Writings of David Horowitz: May 25, 2010

Welfare. Democrats view taxes as contributions to charity. (Seriously. You should talk to a few Democrats if you doubt it.) Consequently, when Democrats designed a welfare system that cost taxpayers trillions, they considered it a double good deed. Welfare taxes benefited the poor and forced Americans to do the right thing.† Over the years, however, [...]

Are You Calling Me a Pirate, Pirate? How a Treaty You’ve Never Heard of Could Steal Your Free Speech and Internet Access Forever

The movie “The Pirates of the Caribbean” is the perfect application of the  phrase “It takes one to know one”. Two pirate captains, Barbossa and Jack Sparrow, battle against each other to gain power by the use of dirty tricks. Even the Royal Navy, who you would think to be the good guys, sink to the use of treachery. Moreover, [...]