Soros Backed Marxist Media Group Got $364 Mil from US Gov

$124,400 to “sponsor the first-ever Palestinian social media conference.”

While Vets Wait 5 Years for Benefits, VA Bought $562,000 in Art


The agency has spent four years and $537 million on a new computer system

Obama Pays Mexican Male Prostitutes to Stay Disease-Free


Pete doesn’t really need to get his kids braces. The Mexican male prostitutes need that money.

Sessions Challenges Government Grant to Study “Meaning of Life”


Other grants included “Why are bad people bad?” ($23,390) and “What is a monster?”

$338 Mil Auto Bailout of Afghanistan Ends in Disaster

U.S. officials have been relying on the Afghan army to confirm receipt of the components.

ObamaCare Website Now Officially the Most Incompetent Thing Obama has Ever Done


The website was only tested four days before launch

$634 Million ObamaCare Website Company was Fired by Canada


Why did Obama dump 1.4 billion in taxpayer money on a company this incompetent?

Obama Spending $313 Mil on Palestinian Mortgages


Financing mortgages for Muslim terrorists combines two of Obama’s interests into one

No Money for Benghazi Security, But State Department Spent $630,000 on Facebook Likes


Hillary knew where the money really needed to go. Buying Facebook fans.

Without Federal Regulation, America Could Have a $53.9 Trillion GDP


But who needs a $53.9 trillion GDP anyway when we can have free birth control and a vast bureaucracy?