While Vets Died, VA Wasted $400 Million on Green Energy


The VA cemeteries where vets were being buried had wind or solar power.

The VA Sacrificed Vets for Solar Panels


Why invest $20 million in dying vets when you can outfit their cemeteries with green energy?

The Environmentalist World War


How environmentalism causes war with Russia, China and Islam.

Obama’s Green Energy: Electricity Prices Increased 33%, Electricity Production Fell


The U.S. is producing less electricity than it did seven years ago

Green Energy Triples UK Fuel Prices, May Kill Thousands over Winter


Greenocrats are murdering the elderly in the name of their carbon fetish

Obama Dumps Green Energy Billions on “Moderate Muslim” Country that Stones Adulterers


Punishments can include stoning to death for adulterers and severing of limbs for theft

$100 Mil Stimulus Green Company Obama Praised in State of the Union Address Goes Bankrupt


In his 2010 State of the Union address,President Obama praised the company and the head of the company’s subsidiary, Don Karner, was First Lady Obama’s guest to the address.

Green Wind Farms Create More Carbon Than They Save


Clearly the only way to make Green Energy is greener is by imposing a Carbon tax on it. And use that tax to fund truly low carbon solutions like living in a frozen home all winter or slowly walking to work, not to mention the always popular, eating things that you find growing in your own backyard.

Solar Panel Industry Producing Millions of Pounds of Carcinogenic Toxic Waste

Toxic Avenger

The bad news is that taxpayers shelled out 40 dollars per pound of carcinogenic toxic waste. The good news, is that it’s Clean Green carcinogenic toxic waste that comes from the sun.

$400,000 Endurance Wind Tower Collapses Due to… Wind Power


The future is Green Energy, they say. Like the Endurance Endurance Wind Power E-3120 50kW which made it through three years before being tipped over by a force that its designers could never have anticipated.